Ghost Walkers is a newly formed paranormal investigation team that was founded in February 2020 by husband and wife enthusiasts Steve and Carole Porter.


 Many years previous to this, and on a regular basis, Carole and Steve would go out ghost hunting and investigate old derelict buildings and other haunted locations with nothing more than a EMF meter and a old digital camera. Capturing orbs in photographs, unusual shadows and  EMF spikes in energy this led Carole and Steve to begin many years of research into the paranormal and the afterlife, Looking for answers to things they could not explain.


 Throughout these years Carole has worked hard on taking her exams and now holds diploma's in the paranormal field, demonology, witchcraft & medium ship. while husband Steve continued his many hours of hard work into the history of Southampton paranormal activity and haunted locations. Together they now investigate peoples homes, public houses and many other locations in Southampton.


Using their most updated pieces of equipment such as, the SLS camera, voice recorders, documentary cameras and lots more in-between they were now able to provide better evidence. There are so many different pieces of equipment that paranormal investigators use, and they are advancing all the time. They can range from the affordable to the very expensive. Using this equipment can prove that science can be used to back up paranormal activity.

You can view some of our equipment in our gallery here

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